Backless Prom Dresses 2020

Yes I did wear red for my wedding. I know who I am. Took the silly bows off that ran down the sides. Yes, the spaghetti strap dress does have slits on the sides.

3 months before, wore a lavish emerald green silk [phonetic] xam-xa custom designed by my mother, tailored on-location in Vietnam, and I resewed it myself to fit me. The best tailoring I've ever done. He wore a tuxedo top w/ cummerbund and tartan kilt miniskirt w/ genuine G.I. combat boots (he was going to be is ... sued two pairs anyway, go was I). The slit up my dress was too high, a peekaboo of the nether regions, but his legs looked better than mine! At the end of the evening, I changed into matching Christmas plaid Chucks hightops.

They will look at my mother's ao dai lines and think she is too "high water" and can't afford to launder the more long-draped Northern style. They look down on our mix as not "pure Vietnamese", supposedly dragging the ao dai through the... [translation] swampy boondocks. Nonsense. High flap at the shin closer to the knees than the ankles, short square madarin collar (1" vs 3") w/out the rounded edges, double princess seams to the breasts for accentuation. It is a severe "Dutch" look w/ a touch of the Mongolian. No other ao dai in all the world quite like the ones from my family--Guaranteed. Plus, my tai chi shirts, of which I've only had two. One look and you know... Backless Prom Dresses 2020

My family have their own heirloom couture.

The two ao dai (bouquet of spring flowers hand-painted on white, extinct national crane hand-painted on pale wheat yellow) I had when I was 15...were sewn onto my body at the tailor shop in Vietnam. They are form-fitting. Now I'll have to run a marathon to fit into them again.

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