Dorris Wedding mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style

I saw what u and ur brother have been messaging each other about how u be there for each other and have each others backs and u have to stop fighting like u all do Becouse ur not in hi school anymore and that's true but what about me ur dad Amber I've been there for u always have and now u took something away from me that I've always truly wanted and that was a family to have my kids all around and have my kids have there kids so I can have my grand babies running around all in the same house so I can spoil all them together and to be there for my children and there familys and there children and u all disappeared and ran from me to leave me behind to take care of ur child on my own with no help while ur life and ur brothers is bound with fun mine is bounded on sitting in an apt wondering what to do no wear to go no one to come around sitting hear wondering why my kids don't love me why they don't care I did the best thing in the world for u Amber and made sure ur daughter was and will never taken care of and what I went threw to help u out was I lost the house I owned the store I put together now to sit at home wondering were my next meal is coming from this is not my life I went and changed my life around like my kids always wanted me to and I cleaned it up for the way better and when I became a better man my kids wanted less to do with me and for me that's hard to handle I came back to Illinois to be around family and now most family is now left my children also I sit and wonder why or what I did wrong to u or why u would even hate on me like u and ur brother seem to do all the time but all I know is that I sit hear in this apt taking care of my wonderful granddaughter that I love with all my heart and so I hope and pray to god that even though i fight to have my family and they all left me to follow my mistakes in life I'm praying within the next 25 years my wonderful granddaughter Ariel will finally be able to give me the family I've always wanted to have around by the way ur my Pumkin and even though ur not with me and I've been there for u also just remember I love you and your my best invention and I love ur brother as well all I ask is the same u both asked from me and that is for me to straighten up my life and stop being on the run and now I ask the same of u both please if not for me please do it for ur kids before its time late Change ur life's for the better before its to late in life because life is so much better when u don't have to always look over ur shoulders wondering when ur ever going to get cough that kinda life is hard and it takes a toll on the affect on how u spend the rest of ur life's so please remember I'm ur dad ur daddy and ur father and it's my job in life to make sure I direct u In The right direction even if u think i don't know what in talking about or u just don't care to hear me out Becouse I don't have to fight for u I'll pray to god and let Jesus do the fighting for me I love u kids and Pumkin don't forget me Dorris Wedding mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style