DorrisWedding white color prom selections with lace

words cant even express how much i miss you. i dont even know where to start. autumn you were such a kind, thoughtful, and amazing person. you were such a good friend to me. you enthusiastically listened to me talk about my passions with genuine interest, you always made sure i was okay and was always a shoulder to cry on, you were a friend i could be myself around and make jokes and laugh comfortably with. i remember when we first met at the marco rubio rally for extra credit for mr. engles class and how we joked about how much we didnt want to be there. i remember getting my first job and going with you to get ice cream after a stressful day at school. i remember going bowling with you and our friends and how much fun we had ordering tons of food, bowling, and roaming around the arcade. i remember going to dc with you and sharing a hotel room with you and staying up late with you and kira talking about everything and anything. i remember going to the mall with you and kira and how you guys wanted to go try on prom dresses for fun but i stood back and watched because i hated how my body looked in the mirror. you were the one who said encouraging things to me and convinced me to come and try on dresses and told me i looked beautiful when i tried one on. there are so many memories i have with you that i will never forget. autumn i miss you so bad and i just want you back. i want to hear your laugh again and to see your smile. i feel like the world has come to a full stop and i feel like my world will never be the same without you in it. i miss you autumn. i miss you so bad. DorrisWedding white color prom selections with lace