baby blue colored items to wear of the prom

Mamma's! Answer the questions about your FIRST born... The one who made you a Mom!

1. Epidural? No. Wasn't planning on it anyway, but got to the hospital "too late & too far along" for any drugs to be an option.

2. Father in the room? Yes. He watched TV (The Weather Channel, I think) til I asked him to cut the cord ; ) LOL!.


3. Induced? Nope!

4. Know sex beforehand? Yes. Went to Gander Mountain after the 2nd Ultrasound appointment when they told us, and Doug bought a cammo onesie.

5. Due date? November 28th, 2001.

6. Birth date: November 19th, 2001.

7. Morning Sickness? Not really.

8. Food cravings? Chinese Food, Starburst Jelly Beans, and frozen Bomb Pops- LOL!

9. Weight gained? I don't know, I was pretty fat to start with back then.

10. Sex of the baby? Boy.

11. Place of birth? Theda Clark Medical Center; Neenah, WI

12. Hours in labor: 12ish? Didn't know it was labor until after I got to work and then stayed most of the day, but felt "uncomfortable". Got to the hospital at 3:15, he was born at 5:15pm! baby blue colored items to wear of the prom

13. Weight: 7# 15oz.

14. Name: William Donald (aka Liam)

15. Age now: 15

*Come on Mommas! Let's hear your story! Copy and paste.*

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