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Being real!
My child has an auto-immune disease. At diagnosis, we were forced to throw away ALL the over the counter cold medicines that cluttered our medicine closet because they affected her blood sugar numbers. Before diagnosis, we were either at the doctors office or at the pharmacy picking up rx's and otc meds to help her get rid of all the cold, cough and flu like symptoms that she contracted on a monthly basis. God opened the door to allow us to find Plexus 3 months prior to dx. He knew what was coming into our lives and He put something in our path that would help us. With health issues as well as financial. That door opened for me at a Tres Dias weekend. It took 6 months for me to walk through it, and within 3 days (3 days??? Wow!) I knew this was more than just another fad. After hearing from our endo that EVERYONE should take a probiotic and research on our own, we decided to take a chance and see if these products could help her. You see, we had already changed our eating habits and although some things were helping, she was still constantly sick. We had to find natural, holistic ways to help combat all the coughs, stuffy nose, congestion, etc that gets passed around school. Sometimes they helped, but most of the time everything would just linger. blushing style garments for bridesmaid in pastel pink
It was 3 years in June that she drank her first pink drink and took her first probio5. Within 2 months (the next endo appt) her a1c went down dramatically and we had to really think hard to figure out the last time she was sick.
All that to say that these supplements work!!! They are God's gift to our family and 1000's of other family's.
How could I share them without proof that they work?
Sometimes ( who am I kidding, ALL the time) I wish I could GIVE them away! THEY WORK!
I know they work! First hand experience! We do not have ANY otc or rx medication in this house! Do we get sick? Do we catch colds? Yes! But, they are less severe and last a shorter amount of time!
Trips to the emergency room, sick child appts, standing in the medicine aisles deciding which multi-symptom medication would work best... Not on my watch.
So when I say to You, "take a chance!", I know what I'm talking about!
Our kidney Dr wanted to put her on blood pressure meds because she was passing to many ketones into her urine. I TOLD him to give us 3 months to see what we could do naturally and after having to say absolutely not to the meds, he agreed. We changed some eating habits, added our MegaX and up'd the products she was originally taking each month, and guess what??? Those bad numbers got better. By the 3rd month, they were perfect and he agreed that the meds were not necessary.
Thinking it outside the box that we've been put in can Change Your Life!