champagne color bridesmaid dress

Anonymous family #42
I'm a single mother of 4 trying to get back on my feet. I just moved back to Omaha and won't get my first check for two weeks. I would love to have my children wake up on Christmas morning and have at least 1 present to open. We don't have any family due to losing their grandma recently. She was all we had left. I have a 7 year old boy who lights up when he sees a drone. Their is a miniature one he really likes for $30 I was hoping to be able to get with my first check. He has also been asking for a remote control helicopter. He spends his time with hot wheels and would love a track. Right now he plays in dirt piles to make his own ramps. He wears 7/8 jeans pants & 7/8 or 8/10 shirt. He really needs socks & underwear size 7/8 star wars any marvel characters or Legos. champagne color bridesmaid dress
Girl 8 leggings 7/8 shirts 7/8 or 8/10, wants craft making sets, bead sets, pottery, drawing, jewelry, loves babies & has a couple but not much to play with it in like stroller swing playpen etc clothes diapers, loves doing her hair but doesn't have accessories, needs socks, always taking my lip gloss likes having lipgloss at all times on. Has been begging for santa to brg her karoake machine. Also been asking for caboodle for her girly items.
12 yr girl doesn't have much clothes at all, wears leggings L, any color or design, jeans 12, shirts lg sweaters lg-xl, loves wearing scarfs but only has one and no shirts to match, needs panties bad size 7, struggles with acne n wears foundation to cover she has olive colors skin so usually a soft beige color wks, mascara any kind makeup remover, diary/journal, loves to sing listen to music doesn't have iPod or boom box etc enjoys coloring/drawing. Even one item per child would put a forever smile on their faces. I'm now working and trying to catch back up so my little ones don't have to struggle. My 20 yr old has moved BK temporarily and would love to just see her siblings open a gift. Thank you so much!