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Today's field trip was to the National Wildlife Repository. This agency is part of the Wildlife Protection services and serves two functions.
1) They collect the bodies and parts of deceased eagles and register them for dispersal to the Native American tribes in the US for their religious ceremonies. There are regulations for handling the eagles' bodies and part, they just can not be picked up. They must be reported to the forest service or other agency for handling.

2) This agency confiscates animal products of illegally acquired animal products of endangered species and procured without proper permits. Things like ivory products effective 1 July 2017 can not be sold at all. Even if it is an antique, it can not be sold. It can be given away, donated to an organization, but not sold.

There were over 1 million products produced from endangered species or imported illegally without proper permits. This is a disgraceful reminder of the abuse, and waste of animals. This repository is the only one of its kind in the US. I saw aisles and aisles of tiger pelts, coats, purses, rugs. Elephant tusks in various forms, walrus tusks, whale bone, stuffed creatures of all kinds, caiman shoes and coats. cheap sexy wedding dresses
I was flabbergasted.

I am sorry, but if you are wealthy, you really do not have a good reason to wear an endangered animal for your vanity or pride. I am not opposed to your wealth, not at all. I would hope that you would put your money to good use. Build schools, orphanages, homeless shelters, buy an island for spiritual retreats. But don't be vain, exploitive, just because you can.
If you must wear a skin, how about some white males. They are not on the endangered species list.

Common ladies, how bout it. That tanned bohunk at the beach, wouldn't you love it on your floor to run your painted toes through that blond mane? Maybe roll all over that tanned muscular flesh? Preposterous? Perhaps, but so is what has been done to the big cats of the world.

Elephant foot end tables? Really? How about a white male thigh coat rack. Maybe a stuffed politician in your sitting room to hold your lingerie.

How about Pro Bass shops full of stuffed politicians next to the camping gear instead of deer, buffalo, bear?

How about some stuffed and mounted millionaires over your fireplace?

I'm kinda liking the idea.

I believe I read in Cosmopolitan that wealthy Chinese men make great aphrodisiacs and hangover cures. And you all thought it was rhino horn. Nope, try the chinese billionaires. Excellent sources of stimulus and very plentiful.

Did you really believe that turtle oil is great tanning lotion? Nope, try Mexican and Australian men. They make for better tanning lotion since they already have tanned hides.

I'm wondering if the Native Americans could use some grey headed Western man hairs in their head dresses, in lieu of eagle feathers? Maybe?

I think you get my point.