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Please pardon me while I rant like an old man about my recent health issues. I'm in week 6 of a quite serious battle with a nasty virus symptomatic of whopping cough. It went from an annoying cold & cough to days full of life or death struggles with full blown coughing fits that filled my throat with mucous, closed off my airways and left me gasping for air. I've been sick so long, the mucous eventually built up in my lungs and led to a bacterial infection. I've been through multiple bottles of Codeine and two courses of antibiotics, the latter of which was Erythromycin (with awful side effects of constant diarrhea and body aches). I think the infection is mostly cleared up and my coughing is much better, but the long duration of this illness has left me weak making it difficult to do mundane things like get in and out of my car or walk uphill to the bus stop. It's been so long, I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever feel "normal" again. And the Coup de Grace? My bloodwork just came back from my most recent doctor visit. I'm pre-diabetic. Fuck. cowgirl wedding items for a country wedding