custom made selections for prom

I have a cool shoot I need some kiddos for this will b a mag submission so will not b releasing photos until deadline and have gotten an acceptance or a pass
50.00 each
I need kids for 6-11 kids 12-15
Lots hair and make up and time
I need a devil, ghost, mummy, prom queen/princess, cheer leader , ballerina , pirate ,Frankenstein , vampire (have vampire for both age groups) and a black cat custom made selections for prom

Devil boy or girl
Red hood or zip up red pants skirt or leggings
3 cans red hair pain and 2 cans black hair paint
Pitch Fork
* I'll have horns and tail

Mummy and ghost
Boys or girls
White tees or tanks
White shorts pants or leggings
3 cans black hair paint
2 cans white hair paint

Cheerleader and princess/prom queen
Dress and cheer leader outfit with pom poms
3 cans black hair paint

Pirate boy or girl
needs costume sword and 2 cans blk hair paint

3 cans green hair paint
2 black cans hair paint

Tutu and Leo or tank
3 cans blk hair paint

Black cat boy or girl
Black tank leggings or tutu skirt

Money due to claim spot shooting last weekend august first weekend sept