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{Helping Son or Cheating With Son}


Sapna: Sapna is 43years old women. Who had busty and thick body. She married to Ashok a businessman he not sure when will he come to home. She had perfect shape and curvy which drive young guys crazy. She may loyal but she love earing their comments on her. She satisfied well on sexually with her husband and a neighbor. They had two sons while elder one working with his dad. Younger one staying with her. She have everything to happy herself. She love wearing traditional dresses sometimes she wear modern dresses.

Vijayanth: Vijayanth is their younger son around 20years old. While rupesh is elder one with 22years. Vijayanth is usually average kid not much hulk but. He is bit rough guy. Had good height and weight. He had a gf deepthi she is his fun. He tired by using safety while having and struggling about if she may get pregnant etc...


Vijay had fun with his gf last night on her birthday she broke the candom. He is worrying about her. Her parents come to know that and warned him. He started scaring for them. He is not eating on time and even not going to college. But his sexual fantasy is increasing. He started to talk to call hirls sometimes. He forgot himself. He started flirting neighbor aunt. He think she may need that. Days passing. He become mad fellow watching porn and reading stories and chatting all night.

All that stuff start boring to me. He wanted to hear something new something that few against. When he saw incest he is bit confused but take a first step on it. While the neighbors aunt leaves the town for some works. There is no one for him who had sexy figures expect his mom. But he feel shame to shag on her. But reading these stories and spending lot of time on incest stories his mind start tricking. Somehow he managed to shag on his mom. He feel something wonderful he doing it continuously. Days passing. Finally he come to the decision if he get chance to slept with his mom. He may be great. gold bridesmaid dresses long

On otherside sapna dont mind cheating if she know a trusted person and he flirted her for wholetime she will give him a go. All these days a neighbor boy start flirting with her. He is mahesh a friend to Vijay. Mahesh having some naughty convo with sapna. She may not that bitchy but love talking and chatting. Once Vijay saw his mom chats on mahesh when he asked his mobile he saw whole chat. He started talking bit naughtily with her since she know about her totally. Somehow sapna found out his flirting and thinking its shame but she start enjoying his flirts no one good at that for her.

Slowly their talks become art of dating like fun. In his dad absent he taking her to places. Like that days passes on her wedding anniversary things become different. He wanted to surprise her but she was messaging to her private parts while her husband on call. That made vijay more crazy instead of facing away he start watching her. They both shocked but he decided to say that he dont want to see her like that. He is here. The confusion on her become more it took 20minute for her to wear traditional dress and come to her son room for their night....

{Plot seems quite bit boring but. If you are descriptive para long detailed player you can make it interesting. Between im looking for sapna to play as my mom. Who is interested?}