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Hey mommies!!! I am 23 weeks pregnant and have had a sore throat for 2 weeks. I recently went to the er because baby was moving less and I was concerned I was taking too much tylenol. Well I went to one hospital and they refused to put baby on monitor because I was not 24 weeks pregnant and they didn't really help with the sore throat either so I left and went down to another er about 30 miles away. They checked baby heartbeat and everything was fine with her. But I'm still c ... oncerned about my sore throat. They sent me home because the strep test came back negative and there aren't too many antibiotics I am able to take, so we are basically going to play the waiting game. I am now on week 3 of a sore throat with just tylenol and hot tea and lemon as some kind of relief. I don't want liver failure. How can I get the doctors to dig a little deeper into my sore throat. I mean it can't just be hurting for nothing??? I'm afraid it's some kind of cancer. How can I make my doctor listen to me!!!???? ivory or beige wears for flower girl

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