junior bridesmaid wears specially for kids


Try bitching about getting the kids to bed when your old lady who is the bread winner left the house at 7am and returned at 7pm and not feel like a real idiot.

It's times like that when I know what Donald Trump means by make America Great Again.


Like when we could smoke on Airplanes great.

Like pre every town looking just like every other town because the same goddamn chains are everywhere great.

Like when police drove your drunk ass home great.

Or maybe Donald means like plantation days great.

It's probably that last one.

Remember when all those Europeans wiped out a whole culture trying to convert them to Christianity?

I wonder if they ever apologized for that in prayers.

Remember when that Henry guy split from the Catholic Church just to get divorced?

Seems like we only pay attention to the shit we want.

Kind of like those shellfish eating gay haters.

I think the Bible is against both, but I don't know because it's a gigantic, boring book that I've never even tried to read.

It was Karl Childers favorite book. And that fool murdered his mom, her lover and Doyle... Frank's stepdad.

You ever see a guy with super veiny arms and think...I bet that guy did gymnastics as a kid. Even though you're pretty sure he could kick your ass, you still feel ok because you didn't do them.

I just have regular guy veins. By that I mean non existent. But I'm really strong. My grandma says so every time I start her lawnmower on the first try. I love her and I love you. Let's get an apartment together. Or at least a swimsuit that we can share. Randos. junior bridesmaid wears specially for kids

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