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My friend Rhonda Pederson Sachs shared this about her co worker, how incredibly sad! This is what I have been trying to explain to you about yeast overgrowth! I am not crazy, it is for REAL and it is SAD! She posted...

Everyone at work is stunned right now because one of our CNAs started having severe abdominal pain at work during his shift on Monday and we had to call 911. He died on Tuesday. You see he had a small bowel obstruction so they tried operating and found he had " ... profuse fungal presence" throughout his abdominal cavity. By operating they released even more bad bacteria into his bloodstream and he suffered a "surgical infection" from his own fungal overgrowth. He became septic and died. Why did he have so much fungal overgrowth?? The surgeon says it's becoming an all too common story. He sees so much of it nowadays...much more than even 20 years ago when he first started operating. He says it's like seeing thrush on all of the internal organs...they are spotted with white polka dots. This reminds me of my hysterectomy when the surgeon said my uterus was "spotted" with white dots but she didn't know why. She said it looked like a yeast infection of some sort. Please pause in your life long enough to hear our hearts. Please allow us to help you get rid of this fungal overgrowth that is becoming so common because of the stress level in our lives..medications... chemicals...soil depletion... processed foods and the HUGE amount of sugar in our diets. We CARE about you and want to be your health coach so you can be there for your family for a LONG LONG LONG time! knee length mother of the bride dresses

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