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"NXT" thoughts:

We start with Nikkie in the ring, screaming for "AOP". Wolfe-Dain then appear in the ring from out of the crowd, with Akam-Rezar rushing the ring. Or, at least, Akam gets to ring, as Eyoung returns, attacks Rezar, and zip-ties (really?) Rezar to the barrier. "SANitY" beat-down Akam, and we get a cool visual of Rezar dismantling the barrier and dragging a portion of it with him into the ring. This was a pretty cool little segment, actually.

Recap of the Asuka/Ember brawl last week. Contract-signing next week.

"Street Profits" vignette.

Billie-Peyton are back at the PC, this time insulting Ruby behind her back.

AngeloDawkins-MontezFord/ChrisMetro-JCMetro - The Metro brothers are dressed just like Deuce & Domino. I miss those guys, actually, they were decent enough in the ring and I loved the gimmick and music. One of the Metros looks much more natural in the gimmick, the other looks like he's pushing himself to this character. Same with the "Profits", Ford looked comfortable while Dawkins still lacks personality. And, whoa, Ford is CRAZY athletic, he was flipping and flying around like Cedric Alexander in there. Basic squash, but I look forward to seeing more of Ford and the Metros.

We get footage of Itami and Black trying to attack each other outside last week. Itami/Black is also confirmed for "TakeOver". That should be great, but I was hoping for more of Itami/Ohno, feels like there's more to do there. Maybe a three-way?

Regal conducts an in-ring interview with Roode and McIntyre. Roode brings some "personal security" with him on order to keep Strong away. Again, I think a three-way would have been more appropriate. At least they're keeping Strong relevant, but I don't think he had a match on the card. Interfering in the main-event, perhaps? Speaking of, Strong interrupts, leading to Roode manipulating everyone into McIntyre/Strong, where if Strong wins, Strong will get another match against Roode after the PPV (with or without the title). I'm actually hoping that McIntyre doesn't win the title, so long as it means he gets moved to the main roster. long sleeve wedding dresses for sale

Backstage interview with Gargano. Gargano says that he wants a match at "TakeOver".

Lorcan/Burch - You know I'm into this before it even started. Started a bit slow, but the pace and intensity certainly increased (a lot) as it went on. Totally unexpected ending, too, and it looks like we're getting a tie-breaker soon. If the company has no plans for these guys as singles stars, they'd be an awesome tag-team.

Jose/Almas - Almas has the mystery woman (Zolina?) with him, so I guess we're not getting an explanation with them. Pretty much a squash to show that Almas now takes orders from her. It's very Rusev-Lana. After the match, Zolina accepts Gargano's challenge on behalf of her "associate", Almas.


Lorcan/Burch was really good, and Ford was really impressive, but that was about it this week.