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So there's neo group pages thanking trump for his response to this horrible tragedy in Charlottesville were a whole bunch of white dumb asses that think one race is more superior than's all bullshit Fed to us to make us hate a game the upper 1% are playing and were all there pawns..we are all in modern day slavery in debt to buy the next car working your life away for nice material things but as you gain you see how much life you wasted wanting when just living and being a good person treating everyone as a HUMAN !! We all bleed red and are being played against each other.. wake up help the next man up just be a good person instead of always striving for material strive for peace strive for your happiness strive to make this dark world Maybe a little brighter...and not my president trump has not once straight out talked against the white supremacist groups this was a group dressed in some gear of his and even have groups posting thank yous to trump for his response.. this man is a joke and it's like Damn he's blown Watergate out the water and it's only been 8 months... modern evening dresses
But I will end with lets please stop looking at others as a different race color whatever , race is a made up joke to divide and now it's becoming less about it but now everyone is part of it , as a book states the rich get richer the poor get prison.
Everyone have a blessed day and remember we are one we all bleed red love thy neighbor love the people all people because we are all humans!!