mother of the groom dresses for fall

This year is sure to be delightful! 3 major events will take place! In March we will become grandparents for the first time. This has to be a humbling experience?? It puts into perspective that life continues to progress forward and your time here an earth is closer to the ultimate reward, heaven! But in seeing new life happen when your children have children it’s something most of us go through. From what I have observed from my grand-parenting friends and family it’s one of the moments when you sit back and realize it was all worth it! I can’t wait to get our baby Elsie Mae here! mother of the groom dresses for fall # Gunnabeagranny

And then in May yet another life altering experience that brings you one day closer to your maker is celebrating your half century mark! I really hope to rock the socks off this next year and enjoy my life and live the happy life! I’m so tired of stumbling and going down a path that I know I was not meant to travel! I am meant for greatness and as my 49th year inches closer to an end I plan to be # Fitfabulousandfifty so bring it on!

In the fall we will be bringing yet another girl into our family when Preston and Hailee enter into marriage! Again, another moment when you can say life has been worth it! Seeing your kids grow up and start their own lives and the circle of life continues! You’ll want to stick around to see this Mother of the Groom rock her dress! # HappilyHarrelson and # Sheddinfortheweddin

And then there’s all of the in between parts of life that happens like my Plexus business. I haven’t quit or given up on my dreams. I will continue to work towards my goals and aspirations. Why? Because I deserve to be healthy and happy and because working towards those goals brings accomplishment and satisfaction knowing you have helped someone else reach their goals whether those goals are getting their health back and or helping them bring extra money into their lives it’s all worth it! # HealthandHappiness

So as you can tell 2018 is going to be AMAZING!

Happy New Year!!