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How could I have fallen an easy prey for a common driver? How? I thought in tears.
I laid down on my bed in bitterness till the next morning when I remembered I had another battle ahead of me.
First of all, I've to call Fosu.
"Hello Baaba, is there something I can do for you?" He asked harshly.
"Fosu please calm down, I'm so sorry for what transpired between us yesterday, please forgive me." I apologized.
"Baaba, you're too saucy. You simply need to be humble, else, every soul will plan evil for you till they see your downfall." He responded.
"Thanks for the advice Fosu, but please, do me a favor. Kindly delete the video before it gets leaked." I pleaded.
"Don't worry Baaba, I've gotten what I needed, so I won't waste my time leaking that video. All I need from you is to change for the better." He responded.
"Thanks for the assurance Fosu. I promise to be humble as you've said." I pretended & hanged up in a bit of relief.
I quickly stood up & went to Eve's room.
"Good morning sweet sister, how was your night?" I asked in a mixed feeling.
"My night was ok Baaba, how about yours?" She asked.
"Not so well Eve. I had a nightmare & I seriously need a spiritual person to pray for me." I said worriedly.
"That sounds really bad Baaba, but I'm glad you're beginning to be religious.
Just get into your room & dress up. I'll soon send you to Fiifi for prayers." She responded with all seriousness.
I run to my room. Took my bath, dressed up & waited for her in the sitting room.
"Baaba, where are you going this early morning." Mom asked.
"Good morning mom, Eve & I are going out." I responded.
"Won't you at least wait to have breakfast with your father? He came home very late last night & you were fast asleep." Mom said.
"I'll see him later in the day mom. What Eve & I are going to do is equally important." I responded.
Eve joined me in minutes & we drove off in her car to Pastor Fiifi's house.
We finally arrived in the house.
Wow! Such a beautiful house it was.
"Eve, your husband's house is very beautiful." I complimented.
"Thank you Baaba, so is his heart, very beautiful & pleasing to God." She responded.
We entered the house finally & the man of God came down from upstairs to meet us.
"Good morning family, shall we pray?" Fiifi said.
We shared words of prayers before we began the conversation.
"Eeerrrmm Pastor Fii, please meet my kid sister Baaba." Eve introduced.
"Welcome to my humble home Baaba. I'm very delighted to meet you finally. Eve always talks about you. She said she has a lovely sister who is going to be her chief bridesmaid during our wedding." He said with smiles.
_Wow, this man is naturally handsome. Just look at his lips, his eyes, his nose..._
_How I wish l'm the one he is going to get married to. I thought._
"Helloooo Baaba, are you with us?" Pastor Fii is talking to you but you seem absent minded. Eve interrupted.
"I'm sorry Eve, just that I'm a bit worried about the dream I had last night." I responded.
"Let's get talking Baaba, what dream did you have?" Pastor Fiifi asked.
"Eve, I'm a bit shy of you, can you please excuse me?" I requested.
"Sure dear." Eve responded & excused us.
"Now talk to me Baaba, I'm all ears." Fiifi said.
"Pastor, I had a dream that, I was walking at the beach in a bikini, showing off my curves & my sexy body. I got to a place & decided to lay down & admire nature. Pastor, I laid down staring into the blue beautiful skies. Just then, I saw a masculine handsome man like you coming towards my direction." plunging neckline wedding dress
"Pastor, before I knew what was happening, the man was laying on top of me. He whispered into my ears how beautiful & sexy I was. He slowly removed my brazier & began to suck my soft & firm boobs."
"After minutes of doing that, he slowly inserted his fingers into my already wet pussy & began fingering me."
"Pastor, after minutes of that pleasure, he penetrated me deeply & began to fuck me."
"Mmmmm Baaba! You're the sweetest woman in the world. You're the tightest woman on earth." He complimented.
"We fucked for so many minutes before he finally ejaculated. He then asked me if I'll marry him but I turned him down.
When he was finally walking away, he said 'Baaba, any man that will marry you has really gotten an asset'"
& I responded to him that "Yes I know that already. God has even told me that I'll marry a pastor.
Pastor, I'm so confused about this dream, please what does it really mean?" I asked seductively.
Pastor Fiifi was still staring at my face after I finished talking.
To be continued...