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You know I was once a heavy drinker, after losing my mom, I was devastated,felt so alone without her, so to cope, I drank everyday for a few years. I was getting in trouble a lot and ending up in the the drunk tank almost every other weekend. Then one day as I kept drinking, I had a person walk up to me,this was when the Bulkley Inn. The lounge area,where they always played real band. The man led me to someone at a table full anything you would want alcohol,drugs,pills,whatever else you could get high were on that table. A native an well dressed,in a pinstriped suit,invited me to his table,and offered me anything I wanted. I had this tremendous feeling come over me,chills and all. I stepped back and said"Thank you, but no thank you! plus size mermaid wedding dresses
As I was walking away I looked back, there was no one sitting at that table or the man in a pin striped suit was gone too. I was so scared, I quit drinking cold turkey for three weeks after being drunk all the time, I told my dad,he knew who or what I was talking about,he said if you don't stop drinking,he's gonna take you. That was enough for me ,that time.