wedding collections With removable cap sleeves

Hello plus size bride with question/slight rant:

Has anyone heard or dealt with CocoMelody? I've been doing some research on them and the strict return/refund policy doesn't worry me. I work in travel and if you ever fought with an airline for a refund, wedding gown/dress shopping return policies seem pretty reasonable. What worries me is that they have a few brick and mortar shops (2 in California, 1 in Europe, and 3 or 4 in Japan) other than that everything is handled online, and all dresses including the ones in the shops are from China. I know online + strict return + China normally = trouble. However, they're not claiming to have top designer dresses at a fraction of the cost. My other worry is that on there Facebook page and there website all you can find are positive reviews. That to me is a big red flag that I have to go else where to find the bad reviews. Or even reviews that are in the middle (at least 3 stars) I've worked in customer service all of my adult life (at least 15 yrs) and every business has bad reviews no matter how long they've been in business for. You won't know what to fix if you don't get bad reviews. My gut is screaming nope and to move on, but they have at least 5 dresses that fit my budget and theme. Thanks guys as any insight would be helpful especially if you've dealt with them in the past. wedding collections With removable cap sleeves