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A letter to the ex

My mind weighs heavy
I'm so deep in my thoughts
I'm trying not to remember
Everything I was taught
Everything that I remember
All the pain and the hurt
We put each other through
I carry this weight
And it's because of you

The relationship was toxic
But we couldn't call it quits
We were each other's drug
And we needed our fix

I remember when you hung yourself
I had brought you back to life
My screams they still echo in my head
From that tragic night

I was so scared to leave you
No matter if it was right
I was a slave to the fear
That you'd give it another try

Our relationship fucked me up
Tho it's not just your fault
We both contributed
To our downfall

I still don't trust
I'm having trouble figuring out how
The slightest sign of attachment
I shut myself out

I'm in fear of going through
A similar situation
Where I give a girl my heart
And she returns it in pieces

I've changed as a man
I've grown quite a bit
But I'm struggling with one thing
That's forgiveness

So this is my attempt at asking for yours
I want to move forward
And forget what I endured

Hope you're happy and all is well,you deserve peace in life don't be living in a cell wedding dresses with jackets