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The Victims(part 19)

Wendy's death made me angry, but stronger and even fearless. I became tough.

I sat with Arusi on Wendy's sitting room, staring at her picture on the wall. She was smiling, while Augustus kissed her on the cheeks.
Arusi had literally cried her eyes out that morning.
She looked around the sitting room and touched every picture of Wendy with her hands, while I watched her in tears.

"You know Wendy hid this from us for so long. She was strong enough to stand all those pains and cover them with a smile."
Arusi sat on the floor, she sat with her legs stretch out in front of her, I had never seen her that way before. I lowered myself and sat next to her, our shoulders touching.

Arusi and I cried for a long time. We cried for more than 4hrs. We cried until Wendy's body was brought in for funeral. A few neighbors and a priest walked in as we conducted a small funeral for her.

I felt like I had not had a bath for months.
My eyes were reddish and sad, I refused to pick Shan's call since the night Wendy died, I refused to go home.

As Wendy was lowered into the grave, it became crystal clear to me that it was time to struggle for survival. I remembered how we used laughed together back in Pennsylvania. I remembered her laughter, the way she described her Augustus; I remembered her face on my wedding day, the pink Yashmak, how she held it stylishly to cover the bruises on her face. It was the same way she covered her pains, her hurts and heartbreaks. wedding item online store with affordable price

for a long, silent moment I could think of nothing but Wendy.

Andre came to pick Arusi from the cemetery, he was dressed in a black attire.

Arusi left my hands and hugged him tight. Then she turned to me, " You may angry for what I am about to tell you. yes, there is no perfect marriage, but the worse that can happen to any marriage is abuse. any kind of abuse. If Shan still beats you, leave. leave now, I don't wanna a lose anyone through domestic violence anymore." Her voice quivered, a line of tear ran through her cheeks as she walked away with Andre.

I waited till Wendy's grave was sealed with sands and white Stones, then I dropped a rose on it, speechless I left without saying a word. The pains in my heart was too deep.

I drove home that morning, thinking of Wendy; her dead face, her skin turned darker, her beautiful hair became dry. Her lips became firm. Wendy died a painful dead, she would have loved to use her Mac powder on that face or tell us about how her Augustus loves kissing her dry lips.

As I drove into the estate, I made up my mind to fight back with the last tip of my blood.

"Where have you been?" Shan asked in a loud tone. My heart didn't skip as usual, I turned and faced him boldly.

"Wendy is dead." I whispered softly, his face was expressionless, I walked passed him to the bedroom where I had a warm bath in tears and agony.