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This was all over the news last night: introduce peanut products to babies early on to prevent allergies. As early as 4-6 months of age.

I actually do currently counsel parents and caregivers to introduce a variety of foods, including peanut and nut based ones, at 6 months of age as their babies start solid foods

Two things that I would really really like parents to consider when taking this advice (and wish that news media outlets would report on as well):


1. DO NOT give your babies whole peanuts. They are far too easy for them to aspirate into their lungs as they don't have the developmental abilities to eat these safely.
ADVICE: offer small amounts of smooth peanut butter or peanut flour/finely ground peanuts stirred into foods.
2. Consider your child's developmental stage when introducing solids - it's not just about their age.
ADVICE: to safely start solids, your baby should be able to sit in a highchair or booster chair with good head control, they should be able to lean forward for the spoon and clear food off a spoon, and they should appear interested in food.

As a registered dietitian with almost a decade of experience in paediatrics, I can help ensure that you and your baby have and good start to the feeding relationship. Happy, nourishing, stress-free mealtimes are possible right from the beginning! wedding outfits at wholesale prices

If you'd like a consult please contact me at [email protected] or 905-580-1803

Happy Friday!

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