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Ok. Here's my reasons for (trying to go) vegan.
It's not just because of that controversial documentary.
Before I watched the documentary, I noticed the great effect eating green had on me on the days I did eat green.
When on lunch break at work if I picked up a salad, i came back to work energized, my mind was sharper, etc. If I picked up a burger or a pizza, or anything, I came back to work feeling like shit. My memory was terrible, my arms felt 'clogged up', I was sleep ... y, and just overall didn't feel good. It really is that noticeable a day to day difference.

Like many people, Diabetes runs in my fam. My grandfather died relatively young, my dad has health issues related to diabetes. I really have been feeling my body breaking down, I get sharp chest pains, shortness of breath, my back always hurts, etc. I just need as much energy and good health I can at this stage in life. I am seeing so many young black men getting seriously sick because of unhealthy diet, I'm starting to worry.

Why not just eat smaller portions and less fatty foods? That's a valid point. My thing is, it's a bit tricky. The whole argument for eating meat, etc is because it's delicious. That's what our culture is built around. We don't eat for what it does for us as fuel for our bodies but because of what signals it sends our brains. So if I continue to tell myself meat, etc is good, I'm going to want more of it not less. It's like a crack addiction. Nobody who was addicted to crack is able to go from addiction to just crack on the weekends, that's not how it works. The reason why moderation doesn't work for most people is because there's nothing moderate about slaughtering multiple animals just so we can have a triple bacon cheeseburger every once in a while, excess is the spirit of the food industry. wedding outfits with short sleeves
My response is why not just allow my tastes to move towards foods that if I crave in large amounts it won't be as bad on my body or foods that don't have addicting agents?

I used to love ribs, like LOVE ribs. Until last year I got food poisoned after eating some ribs and it ruined ribs forever for me. I used to love mcdoubles, until I started to hate how I had to take a nap after eating a value meal . I still love Popeyes but I honestly won't miss it because I feel terrible after eating it. I think I've eaten enough animal products in my life.

I ate some veggies on a pita bread today and it was honestly really good, and I feel good.

Please screenshot this post so when you see me change my mind you can thoroughly roast my ass.

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