Posted by on Feb 19, 2013 in Planning

Every girl has her unique traveling style. Personally, I like to travel smart and look good at the same time. After a few trips, I found some useful tips that I have been practicing them every time – for both long and short travels.

  1. Bring all your wear-and-throw-away stuff. Best method to dispose old underwear, socks and tops.
  2. Washable cloth bags and plastic bags are a must! Depending on size, I bring 5 of each when I go traveling anywhere more than a week.
  3. Baby powder, body spray, scented moisturizer, deodorant and perfume. These can help to feel clean and smell good.
  4. Minimal beauty kit. Moisturizer, sunblock, loose powder, blusher, eyebrow palette, 1 eye shadow color, 1 mascara, lip balm and hair creme.
  5. Bring a water bottle with built-in filter everywhere. Ever since I owned one, I never went traveling without it.
  6. Take 1 multi-vitamin a day in morning. Food availability can be unpredictable. Helps to stay healthy and provide the essential nutrients.
  7. Three pairs of shoes are just nice. One good pair of all-purpose trekking shoes but looks good for daily wear, one pair of slippers, and one pair of boots.
  8. Bring only 1 set of accessories, buy the rest there. Best method to get unusual accessories and their first debut in your travel photos.
  9. Always carry 7 panty-liners in your bag. Estimate 4 panty-liners per day when packing. You can never be too sure when is your next opportunity to shower.
  10. Wear bikini (bathing suit) as underwear. Wash them daily, dry within 2 days. Just 3 sets can last for 1-month travel.

I will shower and wash up as if I am going to bed just before heading to airport (except with minimal make-up to look good). Travel smart by wearing my fave bikini, most comfortable top with jacket/hoodie, jeans and heaviest shoes up the plane. Totally suits the girly girl traveling style.