Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Hotels

Ballys-Las-VegasDesigned with heavy traces of an art-deco look the Ballys Las Vegas has a lot to offer their guests who are visiting the city of Las Vegas. The Bally’s of Las Vegas is equipped with a staggering amount of 3211 hotel rooms in their best shape at all times, this includes 24/7 assistance of room service for the entire building. They have 25 floors altogether and multiple lifts to mobilize guests through the building. If you wish to see something unique from the area, moving sidewalks are located not far from the hotel enabling guests to travel around the city with ease. This is also a great way to see other sides of the area without hassle.

The Bally’s Las of Vegas is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool open during certain times of the year which is also a great place to sit under the sun and enjoy the weather. Unwind with fresh water after spending a lengthy time of the day in the city! This will certainly refresh and rejuvenate preparing you for more activities while you are on vacation. They also have tennis courts if you feel that swimming is not your thing which is a great place to exercise and stay in shape.

You may be wondering what sort of cuisine is served at The Bally’s of Las Vegas. Here you can indulge in the option of at least 4 different restaurants: the Bally’s Steakhouse, the Japanese special Ichiban Sushi, the Sidewalk Café with casual American meals and the enchanting Café Sbarro with their finest selection of pizzas. If never a day goes by without coffee, head down to the Java Coast or Terrace Café for their most mouth-watering selection of coffee. You won’t be disappointed. Bookings for Bally’s Hotel of Las Vegas can be completed online and with no hassle.