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Travelling is something that we all take to for some reasons or the other. It is also true that most of us enjoy travelling to different places and has become part of our life style. Travelling is for varied reasons, we all undertake. It could be a sightseeing trip to an interesting place nearby; or it could also be one of your pre-planned overseas trip; or it can even be your honeymoon to a place of very interesting. The reasons can be any, but the trip should make you feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day.

As Rachel McAdams puts it, ‘running through an airport with pounds of luggage… ‘ could be a good workout, but certainly is not going to make you feel comfortable and much worse make you relaxed. That does not mean, I am not here advocating to go on your trip(s) without any luggage. I am certainly here to share my thoughts on how well you can make your travel comfortable, relaxed, cozy, and comfy. Here are a few tips that you can think of before you begin any trip to anywhere, either single or with your family. You always keep in mind two important aspects when you plan your travel; (a) the place where you are going to stay; (b) the duration of your stay. These are the two aspects that decide your packing and it is your packing that is going to make you feel either comfortable or irritated all through.

  1. Mosquito Nets: Are you going to stay in the Amazon? Or are you planning to plant your tent somewhere surrounded by Indian slums? Why then you need a mosquito net at all and much worse occupying a good space of your bag? There are other possibilities available to get rid of the menace of mosquitoes, if at all this is your greatest concern. You can very well buy an anti-mosquito gel or mosquito repellant that is available in the market. Moreover, using mosquito net on your bed only makes you feel hot, since it blocks the free flow of air.
  2. Jeans: I know it is going to be a hard (?!) decision for most of you reading this. I am not against wearing jeans which surely gives you a ‘hotty’ look. However, the issue is that Jeans do occupies great extend of space and also makes your backpack heavier. Moreover, if at all, you are planning to take a bath in the sea or under waterfalls, or in the river, you cannot think of getting into the water with jeans on! It is next to think positively of this. It makes you feel heavy and the worst of it is that it takes ages to dry out. Hope you are not planning to buy a house and settle there?
  3. Books: I know most of the people just don’t bother about taking a book with them, but I am sure there are guys who really want to have one or two books with them. It is interesting to note that the number of books increases in relation to the number of days of your trip. Are you in the middle of reading your favourite book? Is it so interesting that you even forget to eat and sleep? Come on guys! You can find the same book on the streets sold for throwaway prices. Moreover, reading is a hobby that’s is done and should be done only when you are free and have time at hand. You can’t think of sitting under a tree and reading your book when you are actually here to enjoy with your family. Much worse, are you on your honeymoon trips? Never, ever think of taking a book of your favourite author, unless you are sure, your wife also is going to enjoy it or it will be of great fun for you both.
  4. Liquid cash or the stash card: why do you want to have liquid cash or the stash card with you? Oh! Your girl friend might think, otherwise, that you are not rich enough to ‘feed’ her enough? Having liquid cash with you, you can be sure, is going to give you sleepless nights and restrict your free movement. The worst part of it, you will be always keeping your hand inside your pant pocket, maybe, you want to feel and sure that your wallet is ‘safe’, and this gesture is a direct invitation to any experienced thief around. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you will be keeping your hand in your pocket all the time. Same way goes with your stash card. If you are thinking of using stash cards to hide your valuables, like money, keys, credit cards, etc., in the unused PC slots on your laptop, be prepared to lose both your laptop and your valuables. Keep n mind, the thief always wants to steal your laptop and here goes, if you take one, one is free!
  5. Guitar: So, you are preparing for a concert? To prepare, you have to spend huge money and go to a foreign country for it? No offense taken. I know most of you guys just enjoy playing your favourite music on Guitar. I am also sure you will be more than willing to bear the discomfort of carrying your favourite instrument with you. However, it is also true that most of the hotels provide you a guitar on request. Moreover, you can’t carry it outside your room. I am sure you are not going to play while you take bathe in the sea or river! More than that, there is every possibility of raining / at least drizzling which is going to be the worst enemy to your favourite instrument. So, do you think the risk is worth taking? Or are you sure that you will be having a good time playing your guitar? Think it over, after all, I am sure, you are not going to spoil the fun for yourself.